Community dialogue programme

Communities are the lowest implementation unit for any health programme. We believe when right advocacy tools are used, communities better sensitized and well mobilized for action. Face to face dialogue improves trust and provides opportunities for building further networks and partnerships.
Mass Campaign programme:
This programme involves reaching selected and specific persons though the most appropriate channels of communication. Since NTDs affect people who live in both urban and rural settlements, we design a variety of TV messaging/talk show, Radio messaging/talk show, community campaign using fliers, road shows, public debates, and town announcements to reach our target groups.
Social media programme
Social media programme is increasingly a low cost, high impact method of dissemination of NTD messages. We send out periodic health messages on group text via bulk SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to thousands of Nigerians, trying to reach everyone through multiple means. Under this activity, our new project, Reaching Every Ward (REW) emanates. It involves getting at least 1,000,000 phone numbers from every health facility in Nigeria, and periodically reaching out to them with NTD specific messages.
Communication capacity building programme:
Not every community or organization understand health communication messaging and to bridge this gap, we periodically conduct communication training and picture challenge programmes for community based organizations.