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July 16, 2018


Over 42 million Nigerian children are at risk of Schistosomiasis. Symptoms include bloody urine and stool, headache , itching and poor appetite. Taking PRAZIQUANTEL once a year will control Schistosomiasis and prevent any form of complications
July 16, 2018

Put a smile on the faces of our children..Act today

42 million estimated number of children requiring schistosomiasis treatment in 2018. 583 number of LGAs endemic for schistosomiasis 171 Number of LGAs where praziquantel; MDA needs to be started
July 16, 2018


Federal Ministry of Health You can get rabies from the saliva of an infected animal even without being bitten Over 55,000 people die worldwide from rabies every year. Vaccinate all dogs today immediately report every dog bite at the health facility nearest to you…
July 16, 2018


KUDOS TO RIVERS STATE DEWORMING TEAM I am from Obio Akpor LGA, Rivers State, Nigeria. I was born there; I had my primary and secondary education there as well.  As a child, I knew some people whose legs had noticeably different sizes. I once asked my grandfather why that was. He told me it was a spiritual issue that I should not dabble into. So, I steered clear of people who had that issue, for fear […]
June 14, 2018

Tackling Neglected Tropical Diseases

Tackling Neglected Tropical Diseases will be a bold step towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC)  
June 11, 2018

Seventeenplus Shows Support for FMOH

National Coordinator DR. Anyaike Chukwuma receiving NTD roll up banner from Seventeen plus foundation on behalf of the NTD team in his office, Abuja. Team 17 plus aims to support the FMOH and NGDO partners in improving NTD awareness in Nigeria